Thursday, January 14, 2010

Patience, please

This is my first post on my first blog, so have some patience please as I learn and grow into my writing and tweaking the site. I'm a little (read lot) intimidated by all of the awesome blogs that are out there. I follow a few here and there as my interests and life have changed. I hope I can be as prolific with my words and insights as others. I also hope that I can keep things interesting enough to keep you all coming back.

Just a quick bit about me and this blog: I live on our 45' sailboat with my husband, 4 yr old son (Ben), and our Golden Retriever (George). Life on the boat is great. My biggest challenge, though, and the main purpose of this blog, is cooking and baking in my current 5'x6' galley. To keep me inspired, I follow several blogs and have joined The Daring Kitchen (, a site dedicated to inspiring their members to cook or bake outside the box, to step outside of their little comfort zones and try new and different things. I think this will be great for me and interesting to see what I can concoct in my tiny galley on the water. I will also mix in family things periodically. Having a 4 yr old and a dog are also a big challenge and their antics drive me insane while at the same time make me laugh.

So please, stop by often and leave a comment or two. You can encourage me or discourage me, it makes no difference. It's my journey...


  1. Congrats!!!!!!!! Great job and I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes

  2. I just measured how big your kitchen would be, and your kitchen is as big as my couch!!!! Holy Crap! I can't wait so see a pic of it!